Subway Car Repair 101   2006-10-23


Across the street from Shea Stadium is a NYC Subway yard and maintenance shop that I toured yesterday (Sunday) morning.   Some photos ...


Well, at Shea, at least construction is well underway on the foundation for the new stadium:



Shop entrance:




Wheel truing/grinding


























Demonstration of the electrical

 contacts on the couplers:


Emergency brake tripper valve - note that this car has valves on BOTH sides of the car so it can run anywhere in the subway system.    On the lettered lines the trippers are on the left and on the numbered lines (IRT) the trippers are on the right.   However these cars although IRT cars need to be moved on the other lines to the main shops at Coney Island and 207 St.



These valves also had a less politically

correct name in the past.


    See me for details.
















Demonstration of emergency

trip valve:





Took this shot at Woodside on the 7 Train from the front, facing east towards Jackson Heights 9am yesterday morning:


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