Yankee Stadium cultural activity  2006-09-25


The other day I was at a software presentation (Syncsort - for network contingency software), at, believe it or not, one of the conference rooms on the suite level of Yankee Stadium.   Afterwards was a tour of the area beneath the stadium, the locker room, dugout, field and Monument Park area.


At the Press gate, note the emblems that were originally at the top of the stadium main entrance prior to the 1974 renovation.    Note the location in this 1923 Opening Day photo.




Yes, this really was a business presentation.   Jim Leyritz, utility player during the 90's with the Yankees, who hit a key home run in the 96 series, was a guest.  FOLLOWUP --- unfortunately on trial xxxxxxxxxxxxx





Area near locker room and dugout:





















































Note 1923 original wall in black (463 feet to center), and the 1976 wall.   The third and current wall is to the left of me.


Note in Monument Park the number 8 was retired TWICE ... Bill Dickey (1920s-30's catcher) and Yogi Berra (1950s).




Ruth, Gehrig, Miller Huggins (1920's manager).   Jacob Ruppert was the owner during the 20's and 30s.




Yogi and Joe D. in Monument Park




Coming home I went up on the Manhattan Lex platform and got a nice view of the new stadium which is well underway in Macombs Dam Park across from the Stadium.    At the northeast corner of the site is a very interesting remnant of an abandoned elevated subway line that connected the Polo Grounds in northern Manhattan until the 1950s.





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