Other Pittsburgh cultural activities   2006-08-02




Some other highlights in Pittsburgh ...


·         The Monongahela Incline - Monongahela River - 1870s

·         The Duquesne Incline - Monongahela River - 1870s

·         Andy Warhol museum

·         Station Square - South Side, Pittsburgh - Bessemer Converter Furnace on display for making steel

·         Homestead, PA - abandoned Carrie Furnaces - apparently the tallest furnaces ever built for steel making

·         Homestead, PA - plaque commemorating the famous Steel strike and riots of 1892, a low point for organized labor in its dispute with Andrew Carnegie

·         Braddock, PA - still operational United States Steel plant - hot metal rail car and furnaces in the distance

·         National Aviary - great bird zoo on North side - Raven taking charitable contributions

·         Morris the Cat's chair - John Heinz History museum

·         Ketchup history - John Heinz History museum - Heinz ketchup has a keystone shaped label since the state 'symbol' is traditionally a keystone ...


          "Pennsylvania, the second state to ratify the Constitution, was nicknamed “the Keystone State”

          because it was the center, or keystone, of the arch of the original thirteen colonies.

          The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. "


























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