This weekend's cultural activity - New York City Police Museum 2006-06-05


Saturday took me to the New York City Police Museum, where there was an open house featuring vintage police cars from around the country, including some owned by the NYPD. It is located in a classical style building, which served as the 1st Precince earlier in the 20th century, and is located just north of 55 Water Street.



         'copper' police badge of the 1860's - which is where the term 'copper' in old movies and 'cop' came from

         1870's medal of valor - and this is where the Yankees logo came from

         vintage cars if you remember the 1960's - and pre-911 days when the number was 440-1234

         Teddy Roosevelt, who was police commission of New York City in the 1890's

         policewoman combination holster and makeup holder

         green lights are typically on New York City police precincts to the the Dutch watchmen in New Amsterdam carrying lanterns with green glass

         old and new style NYPD police logo, and seal of the City of New York, showing the pilgrim, native American, and windmill.











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