Hawaiicultural activities 2005-12-13


         USS Arizona memorial - note patterns created by leaking oil after 60 years

         USS Missouri - Iowa class battleship where Gen. McArthur accepted the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay in 1945. I am proud to say that I have visited all 4 Iowa class battleships (Missouri - Hawaii, Wisconsin - Norfolk, New Jersey - Camden, NJ, Iowa - Staten Island, NY)

         luau - motion shot of fire juggler

         plane ride

         bread fruit plant in tropical rain forest, which is what Capt. Cook (re: Mutiny on the Bounty) was searching for on his voyage through Polynesia

         Coi fish food fight

         Snorkeling - Hanauma Bay

         Interstate highway - numbered H1 through H4 - the only place with a letter in the highway number; obviously it is not a true interstate

         top of Mauna Kea - 13000 feet - about 30 degrees F. with snow

         Volcanoes National Park - crater; offering of fruit to Pele the fire God

         motion shot of Hawaii geese








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