Phil Rizzutotribute and the new Yankee Stadium 2007-09-24


Yesterday at Yankee Stadium. A tribute to Phil Rizzuto, who died a few weeks ago - he was with the team from 1939 until 1996. Photo at ceremony includes Reggie Jackson, Bobby Mercer, Bill White and Yogi Berra.


After the game, some photos of the new stadium contruction from various angles on 161st St., River Ave. and Jerome Ave.


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Art DecoNewark 2007-10-01


A walk through downtown Newark covering several key Art Deco buildings from the 1925-late 30's period, mostly now having been restored, revealing key architectural elements from that period. Then onto the New Jersey State Historical Society and Newark musuem; including an exhibit on the 1968 riots. Of Art Deco architectural note are:


                    Newark Penn Station with zodiac globes

                    National Newark Building

                    Lefcourt Newark Building

                    New Jersey Bell (Verizon) building

                    City subway mosaics


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