Another London cultural activity - The Charles Babbage Differential Engine and the Science Museum 2007-07-24


A 'highlight' of our short visit to London was the London Science Museum ( ).


Of note is the 'Charles Babbage Differential Engine #2' - Babbage was a mathematician in the early 19th century who proposed a mechanical digital computer with thousands of mechanical parts.   Small portions of it were built during his time but suprisingly it was NOT built to completion until the Science Museum did it in the early 1990's (that's 1990s not 1890s).





Currently a second copy is being built for shipment to the United States






Obviously someone who was NOT excited by the Babbage Difference Engine




Elsewhere in the musuem ...


Left: Foucault Pendulum, that demonstrates the rotation of the earth.

Right: How geometric shapes are reflected in everyday life.




Left: London, the closed circuit TV capital of the world.

Right: old style 'core' memory with magnetic donuts.




Old PDP8 computer from the 1970s.


Left: Klein bottles - they have one surface since inside and outside meet.

Right: Tupperware manufacturing mold


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