Gold Exhibition, Museum of Natural History   2007-05-31


You may have seen the ads on the subway for the Gold Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History ... we were there Sunday and here are some photos:


Gold nugget in natural state on right ...




Gold lining on Apollo helmet which is a good reflector of heat and light ...



Mixing of gold with other elements - there is more than just white and yellow gold ...



Buddhist gold objects - the object on the left is a 'Wheel of Law', that also appears on the flag of India



Pyrite - 'Fool's Gold' - is a more common mineral that occurs naturally and looks like gold.    This amazing sample is in a crystal form that appears as a cube in its natural state.   Right:  Klondike gold rush in northwest Canada, eastern Alaska in the 1890's.



                                    Gold bars                                            Wells Fargo gold transport box from 19th century


On loan from the Federal Reserve vault



U.S. Gold Coins - Left: $20 Gold pieces -Right top: unusual $4 gold piece

Right bottom: new 2006 $50 commemorative coin that shares a design with the Buffalo nickel.

Memorial Day Cultural Activity - Greenwood Cemetery Concert, and parade  2007-06-01


As a conclusion to last weekend's holiday activities, on Memorial Day, I start with a parade through Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, about 2 blocks from where I live.


Left: near Verrazano Bridge

Right: Borough President Marty Markowitz and City Councilman Vincent Gentile





Marines by Key Food



Soldier's in training (ROTC) in front of sush restaurant


Then onto Green-Wood Cemetery, the location of an annual Memorial Day Concert.   This might at first see like an odd place for a concert, but when first opened in the 1850s, it was a common recreational destination before Central and Prospect Parks opened.


Left: Charles Feltman, inventor of the hot dog, buried here, and commemmorated on a hot dog stand in the cemetery.

Right: "City of the Dead"







A coincidence - 5/20 cutural activity was the Tiffiany exhibit in the Met; this week I come across the grave of  the Tiffany family (the father started the jewelry store, and the son was the artist)




Monk parrots nesting by the cemetery gate - see 2004 cultural activity about this top and wild parrots in NYC.


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