Art, history, movies, and advertising in the Transit Museum  2007-05-09


Last nite I attended a reception at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn for the opening of an art exhibition.   Below are some interesting photos of artwork, history, movies, and advertising on display.



Old advertising always fascinates me.


Want an Italian dinner? - Heinz spaghetti in a can is there for you.

On the right, the Volstead Act in 1919 implemented the 18th Amendment for Prohibition, so you know that this ad dates from then.




Left: make sure you smoke only filtered cigarettes for good health!

Right: 1948 Republican presidential campaign ad, running against Pres. Truman




Another interesting topic is movies using the subway system ...

Left: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three  (1974)

Right: Saturday Night Fever (with a young John Travolta - 1977)






Recently this experimental subway car from 1949 was the subject of an article in the New York Times.   With the groundbreaking for the Second Ave. subway, the article indicates these prototypes were built with the expectation that they would be running on one of several earlier attempts to build that line.   (See )


The "Miss Subways" contest ran from 1941 to 1976 where ads such as on the left had people respond by phone or mail to vote every year.   On the right, once a winner was chosen (this one in 1961), this type of poster was displayed.




The contest was resurrected in 2004 as "Ms. Subways", and an actress, Caroline Sanchez-Bernat, was chosen.





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