Washington Cultural Activities Part 3 - The Spy Museum   2007-04-13


This is a fun museum near the Smithsonians - the International Spy Museum - has all kinds of things related to espionage, much of it from the Cold War.


Better Dead than Red!




German 'Enigma' machine used to encrypt messages during WW II.




Real life (left) reflect in pop culture in the 60s (right).





The Cold War and its influence in pop culture .......




Other TV shows in the 60s inspired by the Cold Wary - A young Bill Cosby (left) - A younger Peter Graves (from the Geico commercials - right).




Get your job with the CIA !!!



The Art Vandalay of WW II



Washington Cultural Activities Part 4 - The Smithsonians   2007-04-16


From the Hirshorn Gallery, some modern art:    The first two would remind you of the ‘Empty Museum’.






From Air and Space - Spaceship One, that won the X Prize.



Also at Air and Space - German V2 rocket, Hubble Telescope mock-up




From the Natural History Museum: Sikh culture (northern India); the term "guru" comes from the Sikhs





Early Humans in the Anthropology Section - this man was buying car insurance on Geico.Com ... "so easy a cave man can do it".



From the preciuos gems and crystals; on left, the Hope Diamond.  On right, fluorite crystals.   Crystals are quite fascinating in that it is one of the few examples of finding straight lines in nature.



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