Robert Moses part 3 of 3 at Columbia University  2007-03-12


This was a visit to the 3rd and final portion of the 'Robert Moses and the Modern City', at Columbia University.    This one covered his role in large scale public and middle class housing development.     In the U.S., after WW II, the "Title I" housing program was passed by the federal government, which provided large amounts of federal money for housing projects.    The general approach was complete slum clearance of particular areas followed by the construction of new large scale developments.    Over time, into the 1970's, more and more people have seen this at least in some cases to have damaged the character of many existing neighborhoods.


The 'Title I' program also provided subsidies for private entities, including unions such as the ILGWU (the garment workers union) to sponsor developments.






LEFT: Get your 3 bedroom apartment for $132 per month.

RIGHT: Has nothing to do with housing but this portion of a newspaper ad seemed interesting






Columbia University Schermerhorn Building - Wallach Gallery
























Also has nothing to do with the exhibit but here's a scene at 112th and Broadway near Columbia - it's the coffee shop from Seinfeld.

The real name is Tom's Restaurant.


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