Subway car air conditioner replacement in the Bronx  2007-03-07



Sunday: A visit, again sponsored by the New York Transit Museum, to the 180th St. Maintenance Facility, right by the Bronx Zoo.


View of yard, with 180th St. station in background.


Inside of facility - Left - changeout of a subway air conditioning unit commonly done in this facility.



The latest model of subway cars are maintained at this facility and the superintendent of the facility was discussing some of the engineering.    'Springs' on some models are actually air bags.


As a side note, if you exit the station at 180th St, you'll see a rather ornate Spanish style buliding, that was the headquarters of a short lived railroad, the New York, Westchester and Boston.   It lasted from 1912 to only 1937, and the portion of it from here to the northern Bronx (Dyre. Ave.), became the northern segment of the #5 line in 1940.  See map below.   Note NYWB logo still on the building.





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