Cultural activity while shopping - historic wooden escalators and main floor in Macy's on 34th St - 2007-02-09


See, you can even find history while shopping.    I was there Wednesday evening.  Quite a bit of urban history can be found in department stores (re: December 2005 Lord & Taylor 1900 Organ in Philadelphia).  


The main Macy's building on 34th St. is actually 2 buildings.   The eastern side is the original 1902 landmarked building (the west side building facing 7 Ave. is from 1924).   Much of the main floor on the east side building where the women's cosmetics are still has many of the original architectural features.   Also of note are the original wooden escalators (frame and treads) that are still in operation in some parts of the building, of which I have several photos below.










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